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Statement of Principles

The Parapharmacy is, by definition, a provider of health and personal hygiene products which do not require a prescription.

Nutritional supplements are our field of expertise. Our advice is based on data accepted by Health Canada when determining whether each product is given a license (NPN).

We believe in evidence-based science and favour brands whose formulas are supported by clinical studies. We consider that a healthy diet, stress and sleep management, and regular physical activity are the most important determining factors of health.

Supplements can in certain cases complement your diet and, if applicable, your prescription, in consultation with your doctor. The role of supplements can be an important one but remains, in our opinion, secondary to the factors mentioned above.

No diagnoses can be provided. None of our advice should be interpreted as constituting a diagnosis. Our observations should be taken as nothing more than suggestions which you are responsible for verifying with your doctor or another health professional.

We recommend that you never replace your medication with supplements and strongly suggest that your supplement use be regularly supervised by your doctor.