The Parapharmacy
Professionel Brand
Actifungi Antifungal cream
Adrenergy Supplement against adrenal fatigue.
Agaricus Medicinal mushroom.
Bronkotux Helps to clear bronchial sections.
Cell-A-Vie The Marine DNA protects, supports, regenerates, strengthens and regulates the functioning of the body
Cerebromed Helps to stabilize the brain functions and nerves.
Chaga - 500 mg- Support the immune system
Cholester-aid Lowers cholesterol
Cordyceps Medicinal fungus.
Coriolus Support the immune system
Diges-med Calms stomach pains, nausea ans many other symptoms from the belly area.
Gastromed Treats the symptoms of the belly area.
Hepamed Hepatic regenerator.
Hericium Covers therapeutic areas such as memory, degenerative neurological diseases and retinal degeneration.
IBS Helps reduce the IBS symptoms.
Immunomed Treats immune system symptoms (colds, flu etc ...).
Infla-med Anti-inflammatory
Intestimed Intestinal disorders
Io-med Brings the iodine and the potassium your body lacks.
Laxamed helps to maintain normal intestinal transit.
Lipimed Helps to treat hepatic diseases and hypercholesterolemia.
Maitake Helps treat stress syndroms.
Marion Helps to treat symptoms of difficult venous return.
Menomed Helps to treat menopause symptoms.

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