The Parapharmacy
5-HTP - 100 mg Healthy mood balance.
5-MTHF & B12 Biologically active folic acid.
Active B Complex Biologically active.
Allerieva Helps relieve seasonal allergy symptoms.
B12 Methylcobalamin - 1000 mcg Biologically active form of B12.
B12 Methylcobalamin - 5000 mcg Biologically active form of B12.
Berberine HCl Maintains healthy glucose metabolism.
Betaine HCI with 100 mg Fenugreek Supports healthy digestion.
BioClear Supports metabolism and detoxification.
BioDigest Digestive aid.
BioFoundation-G Supports healthy glucose metabolism.
BioLivX Aids digestion.
Bone Assist Helps develop and maintain healthy bones.
Calm-Pro The green tea serenity factor.
CerebroVital PQQ-10 Supports cognitive function.
Clear-HM Supports liver function.
CoQ10 - 200 mg For heart health and energy support.
CoQ10 - 400 mg Improves many health conditions, including cardiovascular disease, cellular decomposition and oxidative stress.
CortAlign Increases resistance to stress and anxiety.
DetoxiCleanse Support for healthy glucose metabolism.
DGL - 400 mg Relieves stomach and digestive tract Irritation and protects stomach lining.
DGL - 400 mg - Chocolate Coconut Dream Relieves occasional stomach and digestive tract irritation.
Digest-ProGD HP Digestive enzymes .
EMIQ Potent antioxidant.

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