The Parapharmacy
3-IN-1 PROBIOTIC BY DR. OHHIRA – PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH Prebiotics, probiotics, and post biotics for a healthy microbiome
WORMWOOD LIQUID EXTRACT (Certified Organic) Anti-malarial and anti-parasitic.
Adrenal Support Compound Adrenal Support / Stress
Adrenal Support Liquid Phytocaps Nourishment to the adrenals
Perfect Greens - Chocolate (Certified Organic) Botanica Chocolate Greens have a rich, silky texture and taste just like chocolate milk!
Perfect Greens - Unflavoured (Certified Organic) Concentrated blend of Certified Organic green superfoods, including wheat grass, barley grass, parsley, chlorella, and spirulina.
Perfect Greens - Berry (Certified Organic) Botanica Organic Berry Greens uses our original Organic Greens formula and adds real Certified Organic Berry flavours.
Perfect Greens - Superfruit (Certified Organic) Botanica Superfruit Greens are a great-tasting way for kids and adults to take their Greens!
ANTI-PARASITIC COMPOUND This formula is useful for a wide range of intestinal parasites.
ANTI-STRESS COMPOUND Useful for general stress, this formula nourishes the body systems affected by stress, and helps relax symptoms like anxiety, nervous headaches, insomnia, and muscle pain.
Ashwaganda Rejuvenative Tonic
Astragalus For frequent colds
Goji Berries - Certified Organic Nutrient-rich and full of energy!
HOLY BASIL LIQUID EXTRACT (Certified Organic) Supports a healthy response to stress.
Black Walnut Anti-parasitic

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