The Parapharmacy
3-IN-1 PROBIOTIC BY DR. OHHIRA – PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH Prebiotics, probiotics, and post biotics for a healthy microbiome
WORMWOOD LIQUID EXTRACT (Certified Organic) Anti-malarial and anti-parasitic.
Adrenal Support Compound Adrenal Support / Stress
Adrenal Support Liquid Phytocaps Nourishment to the adrenals
Perfect Greens - Chocolate (Certified Organic) Botanica Chocolate Greens have a rich, silky texture and taste just like chocolate milk!
Perfect Greens - Unflavoured (Certified Organic) Concentrated blend of Certified Organic green superfoods, including wheat grass, barley grass, parsley, chlorella, and spirulina.
Perfect Greens - Berry (Certified Organic) Botanica Organic Berry Greens uses our original Organic Greens formula and adds real Certified Organic Berry flavours.
Perfect Greens - Superfruit (Certified Organic) Botanica Superfruit Greens are a great-tasting way for kids and adults to take their Greens!
ANTI-PARASITIC COMPOUND This formula is useful for a wide range of intestinal parasites.
ANTI-STRESS COMPOUND Useful for general stress, this formula nourishes the body systems affected by stress, and helps relax symptoms like anxiety, nervous headaches, insomnia, and muscle pain.
Ashwaganda liquid Supports a healthy stress response.
Astragalus For frequent colds
Goji Berries - Certified Organic Nutrient-rich and full of energy!
HOLY BASIL LIQUID EXTRACT (Certified Organic) Supports a healthy response to stress.
Black Walnut Anti-parasitic

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