The Parapharmacy
Arnica Tincture Org Organic tincture - Bruises and Sprains
Arthrostop Soothes joint inflammations
Artichoke Tincture Org Organic Tincture - Digestive disturbances
Astragalus capsules Organic capsules - Stamina
BabyBio Diaper Rash Ointment
Basic leaf Organic herbs
Bay Leaf Organic leaves
Black Cohosh Tincture Org Organic tincture - Menopause, PMS
Black Pepper Organic whole fruit
Black Pepper Organic Ground Fruit
Blessed thistle Tincture Org Organic Tincture - Digestive Tonic
Bronchix Organic tincture - Cough, respiratory infection
Burdock Organic herbal tea
Burdock Tincture Org Organic tincture - Depurative and diuretic
Calendula Organic herbal tea
Calendula Oil Organic Oil - Cuts, wounds
Calendula Tincture Org Organic Tincture - Mucosal Inflammation
Calmix Organic tincture - Sleep and nervousness
Caraway Organic whole seed
Cardiatop capsules Org Circulation tonic
Catnip Organic

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