The Parapharmacy
Acti-Vate Helps in losing weight and adipose tissue and to increase physical strength and endurance.
ADDplex Reduces attention deficit and abrupt mood change
Allergex Relieves and prevents seasonal allergies.
Alzaide Alzaide help to prevent mental fatigue symptom.
Arnikaid Relieves pain and inflammation of muscles and joints
Arthriplex Arthriplex help to relieve pain assoiciate with arthritis and rheumatism.
Bilac Help to fight symptom like Food related nausea, hangovers and
Biotox Detoxes heavy metals and environmental pollutants and decreases allergic sensitivity.
Bronchiplex Help to prevent symptom associated with Bronchitis and flu.
Bronkotux for kids For coughs and bronchitis
Bronkotux syrup Relieves flu effects
Calcium Helps preventing Calcium loss
Candidaide Help to prevent symptom associated with candida and fungal infections.
Cholestop Helps maintain normal cholesterol levels.
DB Aid Homeopathic medicine
Dentalaide For a healthy denture
Dermaplex For skin afflictions
Echinaplex Helps the immune system
Euphrasiaplex For healthy eyes
Execalm (capsules) For chronic skin afflictions
Execalm (cream) Moisturizing cream ideal for dry skin and irritations.
Feriltaide Acts on infertility symptoms
Flammasan Against inflammations
Fortex/Supertonic Stimulates the immune system and increases the resistance of the organism.

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