The Parapharmacy
LaPara-Lymphatic drainer Homeopathic remedy
Liquid Multivitamins Fullfill the need of vitamins
Lymex Relieves insects bites effects
Lympatox Lymphatic drainer
Menopax Calms the menopause and andropause effects
Minabsorb Helps prevent mineral deficiencies
Mozi-Q Calms insects bites effects
Multi-V-Min Multiple vitamin, mineral and phytonutrients
Myalaid Acts against fibromyalgia effects
Nata-Aide Relieves pregnancy symptoms
Ner-Med Reduces mood swings
Omega Gold Brings the Omega 3 your body needs for a better blood circulation.
Osteoplex Relieves bones pains
Parazap Parasite Cleanse
POC For healthy skin, nails and hairs
Post-Natal Aide Pst-pregnancy treatment
Probiophilus Support the immune system
Rubiaplex Helps relieve kidney and urinary disorders
Seren-Aide Limits mood variations

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