The Parapharmacy
Abolan To normalize arterial pressure and heart rate in nervous periods.
Beautynorm Lighten the skin, reduce skin problems, acne and cellulite.
Bibop For well-balanced hormonal activity.
Dissurol Arthritis and osteoarthritis, rheumatism, stiffness and joint inflammation.
Euphoryl For seasonal blues, morose moods, depression, relaxation, sleep troubles and anxiety.
Heparadix Liver spring cleanse. Hepato-biliary insufficiency. Digestion problems. Hepatic migraine. Constipation.
Laitan Bone healing, prevention of osteoporosis and cicatrization delay.
Miviton Tonic to support the immune and nervous system. Anti-fatigue and mood healer.
Miviton +Plus To energize the system and boost up the energy.
Miviton enfant Nourishing tonic to support immune system, better stress management and general daily well-being.
Osepia Rapid growth, osteoporosis, mineralization, fracture repair, bone consolidation delays.
Pantol Stimulates growth, targets greying, slows down hair loss, dull hair, brittle and fragile hair, nourishes the capillary roots.
Roseo Roseo helps get healthier skin through daily usage and improves the look of the skin.
Sumaforme Improves mental alertness, handles stress and concentration, performance despite lack of sleep, lessens jet lag, support against exhaustion.
Trefolia Soothes menopause discomforts such as low libido, hot flushes, irritability, lack of energy, mood swings, nervousness and nightly sweats.
Venovar Activates blood flow and protect vein walls. Helps against swollen feet and ankles, varicosity, cramps, leg pain and visible veins.
VitaSil A factor in the maintenance of good health

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