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Adrenal Complex Adrenal support
AdrenoCo Adrenal support.
Andrographis Complex Supports normal immune function.
Astragalus Complex Improve the function of the immune system and maintain a sense of general well-being.
Bacopa Complex Supports cognitive function, supports normal memory function, physical endurance. Mitigates the effects of environmental stress.
Bilberry 6000 mg Promote vascular integrity, health of connective tissue, improve function urinary tract and eyes health and provide antioxidant protection.
Boswellia Complex Support normal kidney function, maintain and support healthy joints, support good circulation, provide antioxidant protection.
Cascara Complex Laxative and liver tonic.
Chaste Tree Menstrual cycle, premenstrual syndrome, women reproductive system and maintaining hormonal balance.
Chaste Tree Menstrual cycle, premenstrual syndrome, women reproductive system and maintaining hormonal balance.
Cranberry Complex Maintains healthy urinary system.
DiGest Forte Supports healthy digestion and intestinal function.
Echinacea Premium For an healthy immune and respiratory system.
Echinacea Premium Supports immune function, repiratory system and lymphatic system.
Eyebright Complex Food supplement promotes eye health and support a good eyesight.
FemCo Essential Support for Female Vitality.
Garlic Helps reduce hyperlipidemia in adults.
Ginkgo forte Memory and cognition, alertness and mental clarity. Cardiovascular, antioxidant.
Golden seal 500mg For healthy digestion and mucus function.
Gymnema Gymnema contains a complex mixture of saponins (gymnemic acids) and other compounds. This product is standardized to contain 100 mg per tablet of gymnemic acids to ensure optimal strength and quality. The substances in Gymnema work together to: - maintain healthy blood sugar levels within a normal range when combined with a balanced diet - maintain normal cholesterol levels in a normal range
Hawthorn Supports cardiovascular health
Hawthorne Berries 1:2 To support the heart muscle, cardiovascular system health, normal blood pressure and to provide antioxidant activity.
Horsechestnut Complex Helps to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.
Licorice High Grade For healthy adrenal glands, digestive, urinary and intestinal systems; against cough, bronchitis and respiratory secretions .

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