The Parapharmacy
Professionel Brand
Acidipro Digestive aid.
B12 Plus Folic Acid Supplementation in vitamin B12 and folic acid.
Bromepro Relieves joint pain.
Cal-Ci-Mag Essential minerals combined with vitamin D.
Chewpro-C Chewable vitamin C.
Chrom-Pro Chromium and vitamin C supplement.
Coenzyme Q10 with tocotrienols Cardiovascular health.
Cold Formula Helps relieve cold symptoms.
Coryzadyn Vitamins, minerals and other essential elements for the maintenance of good health.
D-Pro Vitamin D supplementation.
Delicorice Indicated for gastrointestinal inflammation and heartburn.
Digespro Digestive aid.
E-400 Mixed Tocopherols Vitamin E supplement.
Estchol Liver health.
Ester-C A factor in the maintenance of good health.
Flax Oil Source of essential fatty acids.
Glycemin Essential elements for the maintenance of good health.
Glycopro A source of essential amino acids and vitamins.
Hemapro Formula rich in vitamin B, C and folic acid.
Iodine Drops Thyroid gland health.
Lipopro Cardiovascular health.
Lipozyme Lipid digestive aid.
Liproic An antioxidant which promotes glucose metabolism.
Mag-D-Cal Source of essential minerals.

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