The Parapharmacy
Agaricus Therapeutic grade Agaricus blazei.
Ashwagandha Stress relief.
Aztec Nopal Blood sugar control
Betaine For muscle strength and digestive health.
Chaga For benefits beyond antioxidants and stress relief, Purica Chaga is a potent immune system enhancer.
CoQ10 Cardiovascular health
Cordyceps (400 mg) For energy increase, blood flow and libido
Coriolus (Turkey Tail) Promotes energy, longevity and rejuvenation
Lion’s Mane (400 mg) Beyond memory support. Potent enhancer of cognitive function
Grapeseed Extract (150 mg) Help fight allergies and contains a high dose of antioxidant
Fiberlicious Delicious Fiber Supplement
Glucosamine Increases joint fluidity, decreases joint stiffness and pain induced friction
Glucosamine Hydrochloride (99.5%) Vegan Source non-GMO corn source
Immune 7 (422,8 mg) Serious Immune Support
L-Carnitine Amino acid and antioxidant.
L-Lysine Amino acid supplement.
Maitake Immune and antioxidant
Menopause Relief Many of Nature’s plants and fungi are noted both scientifically and anecdotally for helping ease the transition through menopause.
MSM Animal health - A bio-available form of organic sulfur that builds tissue throughout the body.
Provascin Cardiovascular health
Recovery Potent pain reliever
Recovery EQ Supplement for horses
Recovery EQ HA Supplement for horses.
Recovery x-strength Healing and Pain-Relief Formula

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