The Parapharmacy
SimplyProtein Kids Bar – Strawberry Vanilla 5 pack of Strawberry Vanilla Brownies.
SimplyProtein Bar – Peanut Butter Chocolate 15 bars - peanut butter chocolate.
The Simply Bar Cocoa Raspberry 15 bars of cocoa raspberry.
SimplyProtein Bar – Cinnamon Pecan 15 bars of cinnamon pecan
The Simply Bar Lemon Coconut 15 bars of lemon coconut.
SimplyProtein Bar – Chocolate Coconut 15 bars of Chocolate Coconut.
SimplyProtein Whey Bar – Chocolate Mint 12 x 40g of Chocolate Mint bars.
Simply Protein Whey Apple Cinnamon case of 12 x 40 g whey Apple Cinnamon bars.
Bbq Chips 6 pack of BBQ chips.
SimplyProtein Cookie – Peanut Butter 8 bags of Peanut Butter cookies.
SimplyProtein Cookie – Vanilla Almond 8 bags of Vanilla Almond biscuits.
Dark Chocolate PB Strawberry 12 bars of Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Strawberry.
Spicy Chili Chips 6 bags of Spicy Chili Chips.
Salt and Pepper Chips 6 bags. of Salt and Pepper Chips.
Simply Protein - Chocolate Chip Cookies 8 X 50 g of Chocolate Chip Cookies.
SimplyProtein Bar Double Chocolate 15 double chocolate bars.

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