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In our efforts to protect our clients and our team due to the COVID-19 situation, The Parapharmacy will only be accepting online orders until further notice.

We will reimburse you for any products of which our suppliers are currently out of stock and for which the wait will be longer than 2 - 5 days.

In view of the exceptional circumstances, all orders will be final. No refund (except on backorders), exchange, or change of shipping address.

N.B.: Refunds may take a few days before appearing on your credit card statements.

Thank you for your understanding.

Acetaldehyde Homeopathic remedy - Spreading phenomenon of food sensitivities & Candida Albicans reactions
Acne Homeopathic remedy / Improve the skin condition in case of acneic
Adipose Homeopathic remedy / Improve & reset metabolism
AIL-1 Help with inflammatory & pain symptoms.
Aller Balance Encourages a healthy terrain and rebalanced immune system
Am’bas Homeopathic remedy / Symptoms due to Amoeba
ANS/CNS Homeopathic remedy / Suggested for balancing of the Central Nervous System & Autonomic Nervous System
Arthro Organotherapy and homeopathic preparation / Supports Joint issues from an Auto-immune perspective
Articula Homeopathic remedy - Articulation /joint support & Regeneration
B'terias Homeopathic remedy
BD Organotherapy preparation.
Cand’da + Homeopathic remedy / Candida
Cand’da I Homeopathic remedy / For strong Candida overgrowth situations
Cellulite Homeopathic remedy / Cellulite
CFR Sensibilité aux conifères et rhume des foins
Choline Choride Neurological support
Collagen Homeopathic remedy - Anti-aging
Coniferyl Alcohol Helps with the symptoms of hay fever and sensitivities to evergreens.
Connectissue Homeopathic remedy / Soft tissue
Coumarin Homeopathic remedy - Asthma, hay fever and grass allergies
Da’ry Homeopathic remedy / Sensitivity to dairy products & by-products
Dental Homeopathic remedy / Dental
Derma Homeopathic remedy / Skin issues
DH-enal Préparation d'organothérapie pour soutenir la vitalité, la libido et les fonctions glandulaires

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