The Parapharmacy
BEVC duo de Vitamin / Echinace Supports the immune system. Has antioxidant properties.
Biliherb Excellent formula for detoxifying and strengthening liver function, also supports the spleen
C Herbaplex <br /><ul><li>Plays an essential role in immune system function. </li><li>Helps manage stress. </li><li>Protects the body from damaging effects of free radicals. </li><li>Essential nutrient in the formation of connective tissue, including teeth, gums, cartilage, bones and muscles. </li><li>Prepared in a herbal.</li></ul>
Cand-Aid 30x Effective homeopathic preparation. Eliminates yeast infections in the body.
Cand-Aid Program - 1 kit Help restore the balance of bacterial flora in the intestine. Fights yeast.
Cassis Effective against conditions such as arthritis, PMS and eczema.
Chaga Mushroom Possesses restorative properties, act as an anti-inflammatory, lowers blood pressure and sugar levels.
Chlorella - Excellent source of chlorophyll  - Antioxidant  - Tonic that improves overall health
CL Extract Reconstructive and purifying properties, relieves urinary tract and cleans the system.
CLA Antioxidant. Help with weight management, reduce glucose associated problems, increases response to insulin receptor.
Cleansaherb Cleanses the blood and rid the tissues of toxins.
Cordyceps Mycelia Improved energy and physical performance. Relieves fatigue elderly patients. A beneficial effect on the respiratory system.
Coriolus Beneficial for the mind and vital energy. Brings real benefits in the treatment of cancer, AIDS or hepatitis. Meets many dietary needs.
Coriolus Mushroom Extract Antitumoral, antiviral, antibactérien, antioxydant.Prévient le rhume et la grippe.
Di-gest Promotes digestion of proteins, stimulates hormones and digestive enzymes.
Femaherb - - Designed for women  - Corrects hormonal imbalances related to woman  - Relieve discomfort from menstrual cramps  - Reduces edema and depression associated with the menstrual cycle  - Strengthens the female reproductive organs  - Regulates the female reproductive system.
Five Mushroom Blend Strengthens the immune system. Lowers blood pressure. Contributes to liver recovery.
Hep-Mushroom Blend Lowers blood pressure. Contributes to liver recovery. Lowers blood sugar in diabetics. Can help reduce uterine fibroids.
Herbal D-Tox Herbal formulas to help you maintain a healthy body.
K-B Herbe (herb for kidney and bladder) Excellent herb preparation to clean and regenerate the bladder and kidneys. Useful to prevent kidney stones.
Laxaherb Short-term laxative. Constipation relief is sought.
LBT3 Beneficial effects on the digestive tract. Purifying or laxative. Acts on muscle tone of the intestinal wall. Without addiction.
Liver D-Tox Program Improves digestion and elimination. Promotes healthy liver function. Protects the liver from damaging effects of toxins.
Migraherb - Reduce the incidence of headaches and migraines.  - Has anti-inflammatory properties  - Useful in the treatment of arthritis and asthma.  - Often used for the treatment of colds and flu, especially in the presence of fever.

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