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The Parapharmacy
100% Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Complete Omega
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Product Details

Feature summary

There is growing awareness of the tremendous benefits of wild Alaskan salmon oil. Natural Factors was the first in Canada to offer whole and natural wild-caught Alaskan salmon oil, and has been doing so for over 25 years.

Complete Omega 100% Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil is the leading product of its kind, providing the full spectrum of 17 synergistic active fatty acids (including omegas 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9) in their naturally occurring ratios - just as nature intended. This ecologically friendly 100% salmon oil comes with the assurance of being the purest, highest quality oil of its type.

The wild salmon used to produce the oil come from the pristine waters of Alaska, where the deep waters of the north pacific are amongst the most unpolluted in the world. The salmon are harvested according to strictly regulated conservation guidelines set by one of the world’s leading ocean stewards: Alaska’s Fish and Game Department. No endangered species are used. The oil is extracted from already harvested salmon, using parts that would otherwise be wasted, thereby conserving existing salmon stocks.

A controlled temperature proprietary extraction method ensures the sensitive nutrients are preserved and our Enteripure™ enteric softgel technology guarantees targeted delivery to the small intestine with no fishy aftertaste.

Main selling features

  • Ecologically friendly, derived from 100% sustainably harvested wild-caught Alaskan salmon
  • Supplies 104 mg EPA and 93 mg of DHA per softgel, the fatty acid ratio found in free-swimming salmon
  • Provides the full spectrum of over 17 types of omega fatty acids
  • Proprietary extraction method ensures the sensitive nutrients are preserved
  • Enteripure™ enteric softgel technology guarantees targeted delivery to the small intestine with no fishy repeat

How it works

The sustainably sourced wild salmon are processed immediately after harvesting. The proprietary extraction method ensures the naturally occurring fatty acids, astaxanthin, vitamin D3, and other sensitive nutrients are not destroyed during manufacturing, as is the case with many other fish oils, especially so-called “whole” fish oils. This chemical-free extraction method is similar to that used for extracting extra virgin “cold-pressed” olive oil.

The Enteripure™ technology used in the production of the softgels embeds natural ingredients in the softgel casing to prevent the capsule from breaking down in the stomach. This targeted release of fish oils in the intestines ensures optimal absorption and no fishy aftertaste. Accomplishing this goal using natural ingredients rather than a chemical coating, like traditional enteric-coated softgels, is another reason Complete Omega 100% Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil far surpasses any other salmon oil on the market.

The health benefits of EPA and DHA are due to a number of factors, including their ability to modify cell membrane structure and function, and balance the production of bioactive eicosanoids that regulate key processes, such as inflammation and dilation of blood vessels, learning, and neuroprotective activity. Astaxanthin, the red carotenoid pigment in wild salmon, has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects that support cardiovascular and overall health.

Medicinal ingredients

Each softgel contains:
Wild salmon oil..........1300 mg
Total omega-3 fatty acids..........263 mg
Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)..........107 mg
Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)..........93 mg
Other omega-3 fatty acids (octadecatetraenoic acid, docosapentaenoic acid, linolenic acid, heneicosapentaenoic acid, eicosatrienoic acid)..........63 mg
Total omega-6 fatty acids (linoleic acid, arachidonic acid, eicosadienoic acid)..........33 mg
Total omega-5, 7 & 8 fatty acids (myristoleic acid, palmitoleic acid, margaroleic acid)..........3.3 mg
Total omega-9 fatty acids (oleic acid, gadoleic acid, erucic acid, nervonic acid)..........193 mg
Other omega fatty acids..........364 mg
Astaxanthin (naturally occurring – wild Alaskan salmon oil)..........26.7 mcg
Vitamin D3 (naturally occurring – wild Alaskan salmon oil)..........1.67 mcg (66.7 IU)

Non-medicinal ingredients

EnteripureTM softgel (gelatin, glycerin, purified water, pectin), vitamin E.


    Other ingredients
  • Ethylcellulose
  • Gelatin
  • Glycerin
  • Medium-chain Triglycerides
  • Oleic Acid
  • Purified water
  • Sodium alginate
  • Stearic Acid
  • Vitamin E

  • Medical ingredients
  • Fish oil
  • Fish oil : 1300 milligrams
  • Fish oil