How to cope with inventory shortages

The numerous inventory shortages caused by the pandemic have become a frustrating reality for both merchants and consumers. Unfortunately, it looks like they will be a part of our daily lives for a while. Here are some tips that we hope will help you get through the turmoil:

  1. Order early. Don't wait to finish a product if you want to keep taking it.
  2. Order two or three units of a product if you plan to take it for a long time. It may not be available the next time you need it.
  3. Ask your health care professional to suggest one or two alternatives for each product he/she recommends you take.
  4. Because of their higher quality standards, some brands have more difficulty sourcing their raw materials than others. Here are a few brands that currently have a very low backorder rate (less than 5%) or return times: Ortho Molecular Products, New Roots Herbal, Metagenics, AOR, Alterra, HerbalGem, Pranarom, Viazen. Reduce the risk of disappointment by choosing these brands.
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The Parapharmacy
Alka-Force (powder)
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Product Details

Alka-Force contains herbs traditionally used to aid digestion and provide energy. This concentrated formula promotes cell renewal. Its high chlorophyll content makes it an antioxidant, immune stimulant, an alkalizing, detoxifying and toning the entire body by supporting tissue regeneration and return to equilibrium of the body. ALKA-FORCE has the ability to cleanse the body and remove toxins and heavy metals. For a throw as much shape physically and intellectually, you will see a boost of energy, look better, increased memory and concentration. ALKA-FORCE helps fight against depression. It works, prevention or cure of kidney stones. It regulates intestinal functions and regulates the level of glucose by reducing its absorption by the intestines. It gently stimulates the lymphatic activity, it overcomes the acute or chronic conditions and general toxicity states. It is a real tonic for the nervous system and the body.


Mixture 100% whole leaf wheat grass and barley grass alfalfa leaf juice of barley grass juice oat grass juice grass juice Dandelion

Dehydrated to less than 100 ° F (37.8 ° C) to preserve the enzymes and nutrients sensitive to heat. Without pesticides.


Dissolve two teaspoons in a glass of water or juice. Do not take with hot liquids since heat neutralizes active enzymes.


Do not use if security cap is broken or missing. Keep out of reach of children.

Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.