How to cope with inventory shortages

The numerous inventory shortages caused by the pandemic have become a frustrating reality for both merchants and consumers. Unfortunately, it looks like they will be a part of our daily lives for a while. Here are some tips that we hope will help you get through the turmoil:

  1. Order early. Don't wait to finish a product if you want to keep taking it.
  2. Order two or three units of a product if you plan to take it for a long time. It may not be available the next time you need it.
  3. Ask your health care professional to suggest one or two alternatives for each product he/she recommends you take.
  4. Because of their higher quality standards, some brands have more difficulty sourcing their raw materials than others. Here are a few brands that currently have a very low backorder rate (less than 5%) or return times: Ortho Molecular Products, New Roots Herbal, Metagenics, AOR, Alterra, HerbalGem, Pranarom, Viazen. Reduce the risk of disappointment by choosing these brands.
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Amino-NR P
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Product Details

Amino acids provide support for athletic training, protects DNA from oxidation, lessens occasional muscle soreness and fatigue, enhances muscle performance and enhances the oxygen carrying capacity of the bloodstream. Adequate protein and amino acids are vital for overall daily wellness, supporting healthy tissue and enzyme function. Amino acids also play an important role in immune health by supporting healthy glutamine and glutathione levels.

Three vegetable capsules contain

  • Pyridoxal 5’phosphate (activated B6) (5 mg)
  • Alpha ketoglutarate (100 mg)
  • Alpha lipoic acid (50 mg)
  • L-histidine (free-form) (77 mg)
  • L-isoleucine (free-form) (117 mg)
  • L-leucine (free-form) (207 mg)
  • L-lysine HCl monohydrate (225 mg)
  • L-methionine (free-form) (158 mg)
  • L-phenylalanine (free-form) (86 mg)
  • L-threonine (free-form) (104 mg)
  • L-valine (free-form) (113 mg)
  • L-alanine (free-form) (41 mg)
  • L-arginine HCl (68 mg)
  • L-cysteine HCl (32 mg)
  • L-glutamine (free-form) (338 mg)
  • Glycine (free-form) (68 mg)
  • L-proline (free-form) (135 mg)
  • L-serine (free-form) (68 mg)
  • L-taurine (free-form) (23 mg)
  • L-tyrosine (free-form) (36 mg)
  • Vitamin C (as ascorbyl palmitate) (30 mg)


Pure Encapsulations recommends 3-6 capsules daily, in divided doses, between meals.


If pregnant or lactating, consult your physician before taking this product. Alpha lipoic acid may cause gastrointestinal discomfort in some individuals. In rare cases, alpha lipoic acid has been associated with skin rash. People with pheylketonuria must avoid phenylalanine. Some research suggests that tardive dyskinesia patients may process phenylalanine abnormally. Until more is known, it makes sense for people with this condition to avoid phenylalanine supplementation. Individuals with kidney or liver disease should not consume high intakes of amino acids with consulting their doctor. Individuals taking alpha lipoic acid with anti-diabetes medications may require blood glucose monitoring. Consult your physician for more information.


  • Consult a health care practitioner/health care provider/health care professional/doctor/physician prior to use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have diabetes. Stop use and consult a health care practitioner/health care provider/health care professional/ doctor/physician if you experience sweating, paleness, chills, headache, dizziness and/or confusion (as these may be symptoms of serious low blood sugar).
  • People with Phenylketonuria (PKU) must avoid phenylalanine.


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