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Anti-Radiation Pearl necklace
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Product Details

BioVibes, live better today !  

This necklace absorbs and transforms the electromagnetic smog emitted by wireless devices, making it much less harmful to our bioenergetic balance. Protect yourself from radiation diminishes andprevents from : Headaches, tinnitus, stress, fatigue, cancer, EHS and more.    

This protection has the capacity to absorb electromagnetic radiation and transform its structure so that it becomes less dangerous to humans. This is mainly because of a very rare carbon containing the C60 and C70 molecules that readjust radiation. Research has shown that this pendant is a perfect shield against electromagnetic fields from wireless devices (cellular telephones, cordless telephones, WiFi, etc.).The composition of BioVibes is entirely natural. The discovery of this carbon was awarded the 1996 Nobel Prize.


Place the necklace around your neck and leave the pearls stones in contact with the skin. It is recommend to rinse the jewelry with water before use; a black dust sometimes forms on it while in the package. We recommend not to wear the necklace during sleeping, to avoid any risk of strangulation. 
### Efficiency

  • This protection is unlimited. - It does not affffect the device network connection. 
    ### Composition

Shungite extra Pure 100% - Neutralizes the negative effect of telephone and WiFi radiation.
### Advice

BioVibes products do not directly cure diseases and do not replace medical treatment. When you are sick, please see a doctor. There are no negative side effects associated to using this product.