The Parapharmacy
Acidux Meadowsweet Combo / Acid RefluxTraditionally used in Herbal Medicine for acid reflux and dyspepsia.
Andrographis Used in herbal medicine as a bitter tonic for dyspepsia.
Artichoke Helps relieve digestive disturbances, such as dyspepsia and to help increase bile flow (choleretic).
Astaxanthin 4 Protect the cells from oxidative damage
BC-25 BC-25
Bilac Help to fight symptom like Food related nausea, hangovers and
Bio Enzymes For nutrient malabsorption, indigestion, flatulence, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, lactose intolerance and food allergies
Bromelain Papain+ Indicated for digestive disorders, inflammatory conditions, physical trauma, respiratory infections, bone fractures, tooth infections
Canadian Bitters Digestive tonic against flatulent dyspepsia and gas, bloating, burping, indigestion and the sense of fullness associated with it. 
Capsicum 360 mg Our Capsicum powder provides 40,000 heat units per gram.
Delicorice Indicated for gastrointestinal inflammation and heartburn.