The Parapharmacy
Ashwagandha Alive A Complete Profile of Fermentation Activated Nutrients.
CalmBiotic - 3 Billion Active Cells Moderate feelings of anxiety and promotes a healthy mood balance.
F02 Stress, Anxiety Homeopathic preparation used for the temporary relief of stress and anxiety.
Gotu Kola Used in Herbal Medicine as a calmative for restlessness and nervousness; and as a tonic for the mind and to improve memory.
Lavender SAP For stress and anxiety relief and sleep support.
Nervine Inhibits anxiety and stress also a mild sedative.
NeuroCalm Helps to temporarily support relaxation.
PharmaGABA Temporarily promotes relaxation.
Pure Tranquility Liquid GABA, glycine and l-theanine in a convenient liquid.
Stress-Relax - Kava Kava - 250 mg Promotes relaxation and helps calm nervousness.
Stress-Relax - Kava Kava - 250mg Promotes relaxation and helps calm nervousness.
StressArrest Helps to temporarily promote relaxation and the body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and protein.