The Parapharmacy
AL-C For digestive and respiratory support.
Aller-C Respiratory and sinus support.
Allium Cepa Plex Allergic rhinitis, nasal congestion.
BC-2 Asthma, allergies, intolerance.
Betaine HCI with 100 mg Fenugreek Supports healthy digestion.
Breathe Well Tea Traditionally used in Herbal Medicine to relieve chest complaints including caratths, coughs andbronchial irritations
Bromelain Papain+ Indicated for digestive disorders, inflammatory conditions, physical trauma, respiratory infections, bone fractures, tooth infections
Bronkotux Helps to clear bronchial sections.
Bye Bye Cold Tea Bye Bye Cold herbal tea is a comforting blend, perfect for those under the weather days. Enjoy this soothing blend on cold days.
Capsicum 360 mg Our Capsicum powder provides 40,000 heat units per gram.
Cold Guard for Kids Formulated with children in mind, it's intended as a first line of defense against respiratory infections before they invade the home.
Corylus Avellana Chronic bronchitis, sclerosis.