The Parapharmacy
Coriolus Mushroom Extract Antitumoral, antiviral, antibactérien, antioxydant.Prévient le rhume et la grippe.
Coriolus Versicolor - 500 mg 40% polysaccharides Potential for anticancer immune activity.
Curcumin Active Fast acting for quick relief of severe pain and inflammation. Clinically proven effectiveness and bioavailability.
Curcumin Plus Piperine 500mg Our premium extract of curcumin is standardized to 95% curcuminoids.
E400 Emulsified (Vitamin E) For the healing process, scar tissue, tissue damage, muscle cramps, fibrocystic breast disease, hot flashes, cancer, cardiovascular disease.
Echinacea Root (Liquid Extract) Our liquid extract is made from echinacea angustifolia roots.
Enerex Cholesta Check Cholesta Check's active ingredients work with your body's natural processes to help promote healthy cholesterol levels.
Ficus Carica Psychosomatic difficulties, colitis.
Five Mushroom Blend Strengthens the immune system. Lowers blood pressure. Contributes to liver recovery.
Gammadyn Se Cardiomyopathy, inflammation.
Gandha 600 Supports the function of the immune system and liver. Helps with chronic stress, low energy and enhances physical endurance.
Garlic odourless 200 mg Quality garlic, a great anti-oxidant, anti-parasitic and immune boosting plant.