The Parapharmacy
Acta-Resveratrol Acta-Resveratrol provides antioxidants and other factors for the maintenance of good health.
Active Green Tea Antioxidant that supports normal cell development and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Advanced Biotics Gastrointestinal health.
Agaricus blazei Mushroom extract for immune support.
AHCC Improves defenses against abnormal cellular growth and enhances immune cell production. Helps control infections and protect the liver.
Amino NAC For heavy metal detoxification, liver disease, cancer, viral infections and to minimize the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy
BenaGene Thermally stabilized oxaloacetate and provides powerful antioxidants
Beta Carotene 25,000 I.U. Highest quality blend of natural carotenoids derived from the sea algae Dunaliella salina.
Bio Folate Promotes cardiovascular health, reduces the risk of cancer, required for DNA synthesis and important during pregnancy.
C+ Bioflavonoids Contains bioflavonoids from oranges. Recharges vitamin C. More effective antioxidant than regular vitamin C.
Carnosine 500 Provides beta-alanine and L-histidine, prevents cellular damage, rejuvenates cells and supports muscle function.
Cat’s Claw Tincture Indicated for immune dysfunctions, bacterial and viral infections, arthritis, cancer, tumors, radiation, chemotherapy and pollutants