The Parapharmacy
5-HTP - 100 mg Healthy mood balance.
5HTP Supreme Helps to relieve symptoms of fybromyalgia.
Balance Formula 1 Designed to help the body equalize the general and vital functions of the brain, under the control of the hypothalamus withs a blend of nutrients in the proportions necessary to help normalize appropriate brain chemistry.
Cortisol Manager Used in Ayurveda as a sleep aid
GABA-Pro - capsules Fast acting calming effect.
GABA-Pro - tablets Fast acting calming effect.
Melatonin - 5 mg A natural sleep aid.
Mito AMP Enhances cognitive function and memory.
Phosphatidylserine Supports cognitive function.
SAMe Relieves osteoarthritic pain and promotes healthy mood balance.
Sereni-Pro Adrenal support.