The Parapharmacy
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Aluminum Detox Clay Bath Kit 10 one cup baths per kit.
Anti-Radiation Oval Pendant Protect yourself from radiation
Anti-Radiation Pearl necklace Protect yourself from radiation
Arsenic Detox Clay Bath Kit 10 one cup baths per kit.
Bilberry Grapeseed Supports visual function. Antioxidant, strengthens vascular structure, protects and strengthens collagen.
Biotox Detoxes heavy metals and environmental pollutants and decreases allergic sensitivity.
Black soap garden spray The natural ally for your plants.
Black soap household (Spray) This ready-to-use liquid olive oil black soap can replace over a dozen specific household cleaning products.
Black soap with olive oil Multi-use and highly concentrated black soap.
Cedarwood - Atlas Cedrus atlantica
Cell Phone Radiation Protection BioVibes Absorbs and transforms the electromagnetic smog emitted by wireless devices
Chelidonium Plex Detoxification.