The Parapharmacy
Acer Campestre This remedy is indicated for conditions such as anticipative anguish, arteriosclerosis, and herpes outbreaks.
Allisyn All natural formula to treat infections of various sources.
Amino L-Lysine For cardiovascular conditions, sport injuries and viral infections
BIO 88 Nosodes and homeopathy remedy
Coriolus Mushroom Extract Antitumoral, antiviral, antibactérien, antioxydant.Prévient le rhume et la grippe.
E04 Herpes Homeopathic remedy used to relieve symptoms arising from herpes.
Erpalt Recommended for cold sores (herpes labialis). Can also improve genital herpes.
HRP-C Extract Immune support.
Immune 7 (422,8 mg) Serious Immune Support
L-Lysine An essential amino acid for healthy protein synthesis, nitrogen balance and immune function.  
L-Lysine To treat symptoms and decrease recurrences of Herpes Simplex Labialis (cold sores) infections.
L-Lysine Fights cold sores and boosts immunity