How to cope with inventory shortages

The numerous inventory shortages caused by the pandemic have become a frustrating reality for both merchants and consumers. Unfortunately, it looks like they will be a part of our daily lives for a while. Here are some tips that we hope will help you get through the turmoil:

  1. Order early. Don't wait to finish a product if you want to keep taking it.
  2. Order two or three units of a product if you plan to take it for a long time. It may not be available the next time you need it.
  3. Ask your health care professional to suggest one or two alternatives for each product he/she recommends you take.
  4. Because of their higher quality standards, some brands have more difficulty sourcing their raw materials than others. Here are a few brands that currently have a very low backorder rate (less than 5%) or return times: Ortho Molecular Products, New Roots Herbal, Metagenics, AOR, Alterra, HerbalGem, Pranarom, Viazen. Reduce the risk of disappointment by choosing these brands.
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The Parapharmacy
Black Cohosh Helps relieve the symptoms of menopause and premenstrual symptoms.
Bulgarian Tribulus Extra A herbal combination to promote healthy sexual function in men.
Complete solution 13 Nirvana (30 ml) + Désir (240 tablets) Supports your libido and fights angainst the menopause and andropause symptoms.
Cordyceps 500 mg 40% polysaccharides Unique and potent therapeutic beta-glucans for energy, stamina, libido, and vigour.
Enerex Satisfaction for Men Enerex Satisfaction for Men is designed to improve sexual desire & performance, reinforce physical strength, capacity & performance.
Enerex Sensational for Women Enerex Sensational for Women combines potent traditional aphrodisiacs with modern nutrition to be dedicated to a delightful love life.
Energik The best natural energizing product. 30 energy doses in a bottle! No added caffeine. Up to 8 hours effect.
Fem-gen This formula contains growth factors, plants hormones, enzymes, nucleic acids, oligoelements, polyphenols and flavonoids
Fibroslim Superfood Fibroslim Gombo is a compound of thought whose many properties are involved in regulating a healthy metabolism in general.
Ginseng rooibos Double Ginseng contains 60% panax, the strongest of ginsengs.Adding to the richness of the blend are flavourful lemongrass and lemon myrtle.
Gonadil 21 Weakness for men 50 years and older. Andropause. Sexual stimulant.
Gotu Kola Certified Organic 500 Mg Stimulates the central nervous system, aids in the elimination of excess fluids, decreases fatigue, and increases sex drive.