The Parapharmacy
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Advanced Prostate Relief Helps reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Combats the symptoms of BPH Naturally lowers PSA levels. Powerful antioxidant effects
Al's Formula® A comprehensive vitamin-mineral supplement for men over 40.
Boron Maintains normal skeletal structure and normal prostate health. Reduces urinary excretion of calcium and magnesium. Reduces inflammation.
Concentrated Ultra Prostagen To promote proper urinary function and prostate health
Concentrated Ultra Prostagen Help relieve urologic symptoms associated with mild and moderate benign prostatic hyperplasia
Cypress Evergreen Cupressus sempervirens
Formula Prostate Perform Forte Unique and effective prostate health support.
Full-Spectrum Saw Palmetto Helps to support prostate health and to relieve urologic symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia.
Gammadyn Zn Prostatitis, infertility.
Glutamic acid 500 mg Glutamic acid is beneficial for the maintenance of good prostate health, muscle recovery and brain function.
Goldenrod Combination #1 Indicated for prostatitis, including prostatic hypertrophy, poor motility, low sperm count and frequent, painful urination.
Guérison au masculin Prise en charge de la santé de la prostate, et l'allégement de l'HBP. Soulage les symptômes urologiques, tels que la faiblesse des flux de l'urine, miction incomplète, et fréquentes miction de jour et de nuit. Maintient une peau saine et une bonne santé globale. Forme et répare les tissus conjonctifs.