The Parapharmacy
BodySense Tea Promotes better metabolism, improves weight loss ability and helps to improve digestion.
Breathe Well Tea Traditionally used in Herbal Medicine to relieve chest complaints including caratths, coughs andbronchial irritations
Bronchial Tea Used in Herbal Medicine to relieve the symptoms associated with bronchitis such as catarrhs, coughs and irritations of the mucous membrane.
Burdock Organic herbal tea
Bye Bye Cold Tea Bye Bye Cold herbal tea is a comforting blend, perfect for those under the weather days. Enjoy this soothing blend on cold days.
Calendula Organic herbal tea
Camomile herbal tea Helps to digest.
Chaga Chunk Chaga chunks ready for infusion. Mushrooms rich in antioxidants.
Chaga Mushroom Possesses restorative properties, act as an anti-inflammatory, lowers blood pressure and sugar levels.
Chaga Mushroom Tea Grind Chaga mushroom herbal tea for antioxidant intake
Chamomile Flower Organic herbal tea
Citra-T Herbal Tea Digestion and elimination.