How to cope with inventory shortages

The numerous inventory shortages caused by the pandemic have become a frustrating reality for both merchants and consumers. Unfortunately, it looks like they will be a part of our daily lives for a while. Here are some tips that we hope will help you get through the turmoil:

  1. Order early. Don't wait to finish a product if you want to keep taking it.
  2. Order two or three units of a product if you plan to take it for a long time. It may not be available the next time you need it.
  3. Ask your health care professional to suggest one or two alternatives for each product he/she recommends you take.
  4. Because of their higher quality standards, some brands have more difficulty sourcing their raw materials than others. Here are a few brands that currently have a very low backorder rate (less than 5%) or return times: Ortho Molecular Products, New Roots Herbal, Metagenics, AOR, Alterra, HerbalGem, Pranarom, Viazen. Reduce the risk of disappointment by choosing these brands.
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The Parapharmacy
Mullein Tincture Organic - 50 ml Used as a respiratory tonic and in light diarrhea
Probiotics Urgency - 50 billion Probiotics Urgency will re-establish a strong, natural healthy gut flora.
R4 Diarrhea
Saccharomyces Boulardii Helps relieve antibiotic-associated diarrhea, helps minimize intestinal complications and helps prevent gastrointestinal inflammation.
Saccharomyces boulardii A natural probiotic that nutritionally supports the gastrointestinal tract by maintaining gut flora balance. 
Slippery Elm The bark of the Slippery Elm contains mucilaginous substances which protect the gastro-intestinal system.
St. Johnswort Tincture For chronic degenerative and autoimmune diseases, nervous system disorders, depression, diarrhea, bronchitis, and urinary tract infections
Swedenbitters Dry Formula Traditionally used to stimulate digestive function, Swedish Bitters can help to improve mental and physical energy, circulation and more.
Travelers' Probiotic - 21 billions Crowds out the harmful bacteria that cause travelers’ sickness, neutralizes their toxins, and maintains healthy intestinal flora.
Ultimate Flora Critical Care Canada’s top selling probiotic! Ultimate Flora Critical Care delivers 50 billion beneficial bacteria from 10 strains in each protected capsule. It is the perfect balanced formula to help maintain good digestive and overall health while boosting immunity and easing constipation.
Ultimate Multi Probiotic Vegetarian Provides 12 strains of probiotics that support digestive health and immunity.