The Parapharmacy
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Basic Prenatal A complete nutritional supplement for pregnant and lactating women.
Baxaprin Helps to maintain proper muscle function and bones, and helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphorous.
Beta Carotene 10,000 IU Helps in the maintenance of overall good health, the maintenance of eyesight, skin, membranes and immune function, and for the development and maintenance of bones, teeth, and night vision.
Cal-Ci-Mag Essential minerals combined with vitamin D.
Cal-Mag Plus Mineral supplement
Calcium & Magnesium with Vitamin D & Zinc Helps in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth. May reduce the risk of osteoporosis and helps in connective tissue formation.
Calcium Malate A factor in the maintenance of good health
Children’s Chewable Vitamins - Papaya and orange flavors Supports tissue formation, normal growth and development throughout childhood
D-10,000 For individuals needing high-dose vitamin D supplementation.
D-25,000 For individuals needing short-term, very high-dose vitamin D supplementation.
D-5,000 For individuals desiring higher amounts of vitamin D supplementation.
D-Mulsion 400 Vitamin D helps in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth